BREAKING: Another Leaked Email Shows Target Doubling Down, Dismissing ‘Abusive’ Customer Outcry

(trendingpoliticsnews) – Another leaked email from Target’s top brass doubles down on the company’s controversial stance, dismissing customer outcry as ‘abusive.’ The email, obtained by Charlie Kirk, revealed the internal response to a recent uproar over the retail giant’s promotional actions during Pride Month, leading to a notable drop in the company’s stock price and market value that represents a $9 billion loss.

The email begins with a sentiment of appreciation for the team’s resilience in the face of difficult days. It then proceeds to thank its store representatives for maintaining the company’s values in the midst of “uncomfortable situations” and “gut-wrenching” incidents that have occurred within its aisles.

The email further extends gratitude to the staff at service centers for bearing the brunt of “angry, abusive, and threatening calls,” commending their patience and professionalism.

The company’s plans for Pride month and its adjustments to address threats to the team’s safety are also mentioned. The letter closes with a statement of support for the ‘LGBTQIA+’ community, without addressing the concerns that have evidently caused significant upset among their broader American customer base.

The email is a tone-deaf approach from Target, one that neglects to consider the perspectives of a large portion of their clientele. Prioritizing its political agenda over its commitment to customers, a move that could backfire in terms of public relations and revenue. In other words, they’re telling Bud Light, “Hold my beer.”

The email reads:

Team –

I want to end the day where Briefly started: on a note of care. This has been a very hard day for Target, and it follows many difficult days of deliberation and decision-making.

To our team in Stores: thank you for steadfastly representing our values. No one is better at working through uncomfortable situations in service to an inclusive guest experience. What you’ve seen in recent days went well beyond discomfort, and it has been gut-wrenching to see what you’ve confronted in our aisles.

To our team in the service centers, thank you for your patience and professionalism through high volumes of angry, abusive and threatening calls. I recognize how difficult and even frightening those interactions can be, and I thank you for the composure with which you’ve fielded those comments.

To the teams who have been working so hard on our plans for Pride – and now are showing incredible agility as we adjust – thank you. Your efforts will ensure we can still show up and celebrate Pride in meaningful ways.

To the LGBTQIA+ community, one of the hardest parts in all of this was trying to contemplate how the adjustments we’re making to alleviate these threats to our team’s physical and psychological safety would impact you and your wellbeing and psychological safety. We stand with you now and…

As this situation unfolds, many will be watching to see how Target navigates this complex landscape, but it’s not looking good. The show of unity with the ‘LGBTQIA+’ community has not been without financial repercussions.

The company’s stock price has seen a noticeable decline over the past week, dropping from $160.96 per share to $143.10 as of May 24. Furthermore, the market capitalization of Target took a hit, plummeting from $77 billion to $67.92 billion​.