BREAKING: Biden Shocked As Protest Surges On White House – Time Is Now

(foxnews) – Protesters from across the U.S. converged in front of the White House Sunday night in an effort to get the Biden administration to take a firmer stance in its effort to support anti-government demonstrators in Cuba. 

The Biden administration has announced its support of the protesters and has also leveled sanctions. The Miami Herald reported that even the protesters had different expectations of what the word “more” actually meant. Some went as far as suggesting a military intervention. 

“We went into Kuwait, Somalia and didn’t ask for anyone’s permission,” Maria Fundora, the head of a Texas-based group called Cuba Libre, told the paper. “We went in and killed Usama Bin Laden and didn’t ask anyone. Are you telling me someone from Cuba needs to do something as horrible as 9/11 to get the U.S. to do something?”

One of the more realistic options seems to be the U.S.’s ability to work around internet blackouts in the country so residents can better inform the world about the realities on the island.