BREAKING: Biggest Coverup Since WATERGATE – Biden’s Secret Is OUT

(dailyconservative) – It’s no secret that Joe Biden is doing an awful, awful job.

But if you listened to the mainstream media, you’re NOT supposed to know that.

In fact, you’re SUPPOSED to think Biden’s doing a great job. For instance, CNN recently posted an article entitled “Why Americans May Ultimately Not Care About Biden’s Afghanistan Performance.”

Translation: PLEASE ignore Biden’s disaster in Afghanistan.

To know why hiding Biden’s shortcomings is such a problem, just compare it to how CNN would have treated Trump over the same things. No doubt they would have been doing everything up to and including begging for him to be impeached. After all, why do you think the snakes in Washington tried it TWICE on him before. Both times unsuccessfully, I might add.

For America to get better, we need balanced reporting, not the garbage you see on cable television these days. This disgusting headline from CNN downplaying the deaths of many Americans in order to present Biden more favorable is just another unfortunate example of that.