BREAKING: Comer Announces Move To Identify Culprit Behind ‘Cocaine Gate’

(trendingpoliticsnews) – The chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Representative James Comer (R-KY), announced on Fox News that he had requested a briefing by the Secret Service according to Breitbart. This update closely followed news of cocaine being found in the White House. Chairman Comer, speaking on Fox News with former Oversight Chair Jason Chaffetz, said, “[W]e requested a briefing from the Secret Service” and explained that “[t]he House Oversight Committee has jurisdiction over the Secret Service” especially given this a matter that he said touched upon “national security risks.”

When asked about the cocaine incident, Comer hinted that his committee could probe the origins – and owner – of the substance.


Comer turned the spotlight on Hunter Biden because “[w]e are concerned about the fact that the president’s son, that we have said for seven months now, is a risk to our national security.”  Comer said that the committee “has reports that he [Hunter] is spending more time there [in the White House] than Joe Biden is actually spending there because we don’t know where Hunter Biden lives unless he is living in the White House.”

Comer commented “[t]hat is a concern because you go back to the laptop that they want to deny [belongs to him or is an accurate record of his data], the people that he associated himself with for a four-year time period are very questionable characters. Many of them are incarcerated. Many of them are in court.”

Comer then mentioned that the president’s son had a drug use problem. He said “[t]here are pictures. He took pictures of himself smoking crack while he was driving … It would be difficult to deny that” said Comer.

The Republican lawmaker then replied that he had “questions for the Secret Service” that went beyond the cocaine scandal. Comer explained that “If you go back to one of the things Hunter Biden plead guilty on it was illegal possession of a firearm. We have reports that it was the Secret Service who went and tried to talk to the firearms dealer to find out who he [Hunter] had notified and were snooping around with that. That is concerning…because at that time Joe Biden did not have Secret Service protection.”

The investigation over the source of the cocaine bag is, according to one unnamed law enforcement official, “unlikely” to determine who placed it there. The White House press secretary has refused to answer whether any White House staffers will be subjected to drug tests.

The investigation has been accused of potentially being a cover-up operation. According to one former Customs and Border Protection Agency chief “[t]his [mystery] literally should take them about 30 minutes to solve.” The former chief spelled out the surveillance measures used at the White House. He said “you have to check that cell phone, they’re accounted for. There’s a manifest. There are cameras. I could go on.”