BREAKING: Donald Trump Drops Huge Surprise – America Cheering

President Donald Trump surprised the Turning Point USA Student Summit in Florida Monday evening by calling in to the event.

“I appreciate everybody there,” Trump said to the thousands of students present for the summit. “We are fighting really for the country, because this election, we won this election in a landslide.”

Trump’s phone call interrupted TPA USA founder Charlie Kirk’s speech at the summit, as Chief Creative Officer Benny Johnson brought in a phone and plugged it into the event sound system.

The crowd cheered wildly when they recognized the president’s voice.

The president spoke about substantial voter fraud in the country that he said was documented.

“The problem is, we need a party that’s going to fight, and we have some great congressmen and women that are doing it,” he said.

Trump said he also needed the Justice Department to investigate the claims of voter fraud.

“We won this in a landslide, they know it, and we need backing from like the Justice Department and other people to finally stand up,” he said.

Trump thanked Turning Point USA and Kirk for continuing to back him in the fight and ended the conversation after about a minute and a half.

The crowd cheered and shouted “four more years” after the conversation was over.