BREAKING: Ex-Producer Who Is Suing Tucker Carlson Has Never Actually Met Him In Person

(trendingpoliticsnews) – Abby Grossberg’s lawyers have verified that she never had a personal meeting with Tucker Carlson while she was employed as a producer on his show at Fox News.

Grossberg worked as the head of booking on Tucker Carlson’s show from July 2022 until she was placed on administrative leave in March of 2023.

“Like many on the staff, Abby never met Tucker Carlson in person because he taped the show from his personal studios in Maine and Florida, and he did not visit Fox’s NY HQ during her time there,” one of the attorneys representing Grossberg stated.

She has accused Carlson of fostering a hostile and discriminatory workplace environment against women and enabling other staff members to engage in bullying, sexism, and anti-Semitic remarks. The lawsuit against Carlson alleges that he aided and abetted the toxic work environment.

Grossberg’s legal team is currently reviewing and analyzing approximately 90 audio recordings of her time on the show, which contain approximately 34 hours of evidence.