BREAKING: Geraldo Rivera Makes Sickening Statment – “Politicians Who Pose with AR-15s Should Pose…”

(breitbart) – Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera reacted to the Allen, Texas, outlet mall attack by suggesting that politicians who pose with AR-15s should also pose with dead bodies.

Rivera tweeted:

There are nearly 25 million AR-15/AK-47-style rifles in circulation, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation,

The AR-15, specifically, is the most popular rifle platform in America, as variants of the rifle are used for long-range shooting, competition, hunting (predator and big game), as well as self-defense, home defense, and plinking.

On January 18, Breitbart News reported Rivera’s support for President Biden’s “assault weapons” ban and his claim that the “AR” in AR-15 stands for “automatic rifle.” The “AR” actually stands for Armalite Rifle, after the first company that manufactured the rifle in the late 1950s.