BREAKING: GOP Reveal Joe Biden Scandal – He’s Guilty

(breitbart) – During Saturday’s Republican Weekly Address, Rep. Yvette Herrell (R-NM) discussed immigration and border security, including her meeting with Guatemala’s ambassador to the U.S., Alfonso Quiñónez, and said that he “was even more invested in helping us secure our border than President Joe Biden.”

Transcript as Follows:

“Hi, I’m Congresswoman Yvette Herrell of New Mexico and I am proud to deliver this week’s Republican Address.

The district I represent is right on the border with Mexico. I have seen the Biden border crisis firsthand.

And so have many families in southern New Mexico, who feel totally abandoned by their government and by their president. They know we need to preserve Title 42 to defend our border from new outbreaks of COVID. They also know we need to implement the successful Remain in Mexico policy.

Today, I met with the ambassador from Guatemala, who was even more invested in helping us secure our border than President Joe Biden.

Unfortunately, there is a fundamental division in Washington.

Republicans believe that our government has a duty to protect our citizens and secure our border. We believe that our government has a responsibility to know who illegally crosses our border, and then enforce the law.

But Washington Democrats do not believe that Americans have the right to protect their home, or even question the surge of thousands of noncitizens into the country.

Instead, they would rather demonize the brave men and women of our Border Patrol and ICE and hide from accountability. Democrats in Congress would rather ignore Joe Biden’s humanitarian disaster than give up their dream of open borders.

But Americans won’t be distracted. Not by the media or the radical left.

We stand for our workers.

We stand for law enforcement.

We stand for safe communities.

We stand for borders.

We stand for America.”

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