BREAKING: It’s All TRUE – Tucker Carlson Shocks America

(dailyconservative) – Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson turned from political commentary on Friday to open his program with praise for all the good things about our country.

One thing Carlson talked about was the natural environment and its beauty, from the Appalachian Mountains to Big Sur, California.

“We are blessed to live in a place like this, more blessed than we acknowledge,” he said. “No matter what happens next, no matter who becomes the President, now or in the future, nothing can diminish the dignity of an Eastern white pine towering above the spruce in the New England forest. All of it is ours to enjoy. Thank God.”

Carlson also praised the people of our country, saying, “Don’t let cable news fool you. Don’t let us fool you. This is a profoundly nice country, the nicest in the world. Americans are kind to children, to pets, to strangers. We give more money to charity than any other place. We tip our waiters more.”

He said things are getting even better in the country, despite any political changes. “America is a happy country, despite everything,” he concluded.