BREAKING: Jack Smith May Execute Shady “Backup Plan” If Mar-A-Lago Case Falls Apart

(trendingpoliticsnews) – President Trump’s battle against the latest witch hunt might take another turn for the worst as Special Counsel Jack Smith could have another trick up his sleeve. According to NYU Law Professors Ryan Goodman and Andrew Weissmann, if the classified documents case against Trump falls though in Florida, Smith could pursue charges of “dissemination of classified documents” in the state of New Jersey in a completely separate indictment.

Their new article in The Atlantic opined that Smith may have omitted these charges in his initial indictment because he is taking a “cautious, narrow approach” due to the complexity of this case. The professors say there were many other legal issues that Smith was trying to likely avoid by including New Jersey charges in a Florida indictment, but the fact remains that he left his options on the table to pivot under any circumstance.

“Smith appears to have taken a cautious, narrow approach. Even though the indictment describes alleged dissemination and disclosure of national-security secrets, the indictment did not charge Trump with those offenses,” they write. “One possible explanation for his decision: venue. The Constitution requires prosecutors to bring charges in the location—or venue—where the alleged criminal conduct took place. Justice Department prosecutors could not necessarily bring charges against Trump in Miami for alleged criminal conduct that occurred in another state, in this case New Jersey. But the absence of such charges in the indictment raises the intriguing possibility of another indictment to come, in a jurisdiction, no less, with a pool of jurors and judges more favorable to the government’s case against Trump,”.

The significance? According to Weissman and Goodman, if the Florida judge were to delay the case proceedings after the November 2024 election, Smith could go forward with charges in heavy-Democrat New Jersey as a backup plan.

“The legal uncertainties that surround bringing charges in Florida for dissemination of national-security secrets in Bedminster leaves open the possibility that charges might yet be brought in New Jersey—a backup plan of sorts for Smith. If Aileen Cannon, the Florida judge assigned to the case, were to seek to pocket-veto the charges before her by, say, scheduling the trial for after the 2024 presidential election, the special counsel would be able to sidestep her tactic by proceeding with charges in New Jersey,” they add.

“Smith might still decide against bringing a separate indictment for dissemination, because such a move could be painted as overcharging,” they wrote. “The government usually tries to avoid being seen as piling on, at least in such a high-profile matter. But if Cannon acts consistently with her prior Trump-friendly rulings, which were twice found by unanimous panels of conservative appellate judges to be both factually and legally flawed, Smith might go looking for another way to ensure accountability — and another venue where he could do so.”

In case it wasn’t already clear, Jack Smith is likely doing everything he can to make sure that the deck is stacked against President Trump in every which way. Since Judge Cannon of Florida has given Trump-friendly rulings in the past, Smith wants to have every backup plan necessary.

Although the Democrat establishment and the DOJ is doing everything they can to bring Trump down in this witch hunt, it’s clear that the people still have his back.

Shortly after pleading not guilty at a Miami courthouse on Tuesday, Trump surprised a cafe full of supporters who prayed over him and sang happy birthday to him.

“Are you okay?” someone can be heard asking. “We’re with you!”, they added.

After greeting several people and shaking hands, Trump asked for the owner and then said “Are you ready? Free food for everyone!”


Trump briefly addressed the crowd, saying “We have a country that is in decline like never before—and we can’t let it happen”:

The cafe also sang happy birthday to Trump:

This indictment saga is still developing. Stay tuned for more updates…