BREAKING: Kamala Harris Turns On Biden – She’s Speaking Out

Vice President Kamala Harris marveled at her full plate of major White House responsibilities quipping that she’ll have to work on saying “no” to President Biden more often.

Biden has put his second-in-command in charge of addressing the origins of the southern border migrant surge, expanding voting rights, closing the digital divide and other high-profile and complicated issues. 

In a new interview with BET, broadcaster Soledad O’Brien started to tick off the long list of Harris’s assignments and pressed her on whether she’s overworked. 

Vice President Kamala Harris.

Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Immigration, increasing broadband access, Black maternal mortality, racial inequality, women in the workforce, infrastructure,” O’Brien said to Harris. “We just talked about voting rights. That seems like a lot for one person.”

Harris piped up: “Well, don’t forget I’m in charge of the Space Council.”

“Can one person do all that realistically?” O’Brien responded.

Harris said she’s used to multitasking and is motivated by all the work that she and Biden are trying to get done.

“Yeah, maybe I don’t say ‘no’ enough,” Harris said with a laugh. “But I do believe that these things are achievable. It’s just a lot of hard work, but that’s why we’re here and that’s what people wanted. Right?”

“We will go into these positions that we will arrive in these positions, and we will work hard and get things done,” she continued. “And that’s what motivates me, truly.”

The comments came during BET’s special titled: “State of Our Union: Vice President Kamala Harris” that aired Friday. The interview also touched on coronavirus vaccine rates, voting rights and police reform. 

Harris has been taking plenty of political heat from Republicans for the migrant crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, who complained for months that she hadn’t visited the border in her role focused on addressing the root causes of the immigration influx. Harris ultimately made a trip to the border in El Paso in June.