BREAKING: Michelle Obama Blackmail News – Nation Shocked

(dailyconservative) – The stunning news just dropped: former First Lady Michelle Obama has been caught red-handed in a blackmail scheme. Millions of people across the nation are shocked.

During her speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, Obama pinned the nation’s very survival on electing Joe Biden. In other words, America, vote for him or else.

This was exactly the context and narrative woven throughout her speech. First, she painted an intentionally terrible picture of the United States, saying that “more than 150,000 people have died” from COVID-19.

She then directly tied the tragic death count to our economy, which she said was in “shambles.” Unsurprisingly, Obama didn’t feel the need to mention that our economy is recovering rapidly.

It is also an ironic statement considering that a majority of our economic downturn was caused by Democrat governors instituting tyrannical lockdown procedures and shuttering businesses in response to the pandemic.

Obama continued by saying that “innocent people of color continue to be murdered” and Trump has expressed “a total and complete lack of empathy.” Therefore, she said, “If we want to survive…” You can imagine the rest.