BREAKING: President Trump’s Official Mug Shot Has Been Released

(trendingpoliticsnews) – Moments ago, Fulton County released President Trump’s Official Mugshot, and he appears to be as defiant as ever against the left-wing witch hunt.


Upon his arrival in the Peach State earlier in the evening, Trump confidently gave the camera a thumbs up as he exited Trump force one. “Thank you very much,” Trump told supporters at the airport before entering a vehicle and heading to the notorious Fulton County Jail.

Marjorie Taylor Greene said Trump is “in good spirits” today:

As Trump’s motorcade made its way towards the jail, the president was greeted by thongs of supporters who had lined up along surrounding streets for hours. Supporters waved both American and Trump flags while vowing to vote for the former president in 2024, even if he is convicted of a crime.

Trump staffer Jason Miller uploaded a video from the view of the motorcade, which showed supporters and journalists eagerly awaiting the former president’s arrival.

On Thursday evening, Trump joined 18 of his associates, lawyers and advisers in being booked into the Fulton County Jail as part of leftist District Attorney Fani Willis’ RICO case. Willis is using RICO statutes — which were made famous by Giuliani and New York City prosecutors when they brought down the Italian mafia — to indict Trump and his team over their objections to the 2020 election.

Upon being booked, Trump was weighed, fingerprinted and had his mugshot taken, as did the 18 other defendants. Charges against Trump include Conspiracy to Commit Forgery, Solicitation of Violation of Oath by a Public Officer, Filing False Statements and Violation of Georgia’s RICO Act, among others.

All in all, Trump’s visit to the Fulton County Jail did not last long, as his motorcade was seen leaving the premises roughly an hour after he arrived. The former president had already posted his $200,000 bond prior to his appearance, which meant that he would be released immediately after booking.

The former president faces more than 800 years in prison as a result of the four criminal indictments brought against him. He has pleaded not guilty in both federal cases, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s “hush money” case and now, the Fulton County election case.

The indictments come as Trump continues to crush his GOP opponents in almost all Republican primary polls, making a 2024 rematch with President Joe Biden incredibly likely.