BREAKING: Tennessee Democrat Reinstated To House After Being Expelled For Storming Capitol

(trendingpoliticsnews) – According to The Hill, the Nashville Metropolitan Council has officially voted to reinstate Democrat Justin Jones after the GOP-controlled House voted to expel him last week for storming the state Capitol.

Jones received support from all 36 members of the council, even though he disrupted the House session with a bunch of screaming protesters who forced their way into different areas of the building. As the clerk read the 36 “yes’”, the council cheered loudly.


As Collin Rugg states on Twitter, Jones is overjoyed with the events over the past week because of how famous it has made him:

Here’s more context from state-affiliated media outlet NPR:

The vote puts Jones into the seat on an interim basis until a special election can be held for the seat.

“Justin Jones has been elected to the vacancy of Tennessee House 52 pursuant to the state law and the rules governing the Metropolitan Council,” Vice Mayor Jim Shulman announced at Monday’s specially called meeting, as cheers erupted in the gallery.

Metro Council rules ordinarily require members to wait four weeks before filling vacancies in the state legislature. It would have only taken two dissenting members to prevent a suspension of the rules. Had that happened, Tennessee’s legislative session may have been adjourned by the time Jones was reseated.

I guess Democrats DO support storming a Capitol, when it helps them politically.

Over the weekend, Kamala Harris gave a dictator-like speech, screaming and yelling at the top of her lungs over the fact that Jones was expelled:

As you can see, Harris was much more disturbed by Jones’ expulsion than the Trans shooter who murdered Christian children in cold blood.

This is still a developing story. Stay tuned for more…