BREAKING: Top Democrat Sex Scandal – He’s Caught Red-Handed

(dailyconservative) – Democrat Cal Cunningham, who is running against Republican Thom Tillis (R-NC) in the North Carolina Senate race has been caught in an extramarital affair with his Public Relations Strategist.

Cunningham portrays himself as a man of integrity, a message that has now been shattered by the revealed tryst.

Brad Todd, a strategist for the Tillis campaign, said the race, “has been dramatically and permanently altered, not by sex, but by the hypocritical lack of judgment and truthfulness now fully on display by Cal Cunningham. This unfolding episode destroys the foundation of Cunningham’s campaign by demonstrating that he cannot be trusted at any level.”

This scandal has a huge impact on the Senate race as Democrats are vying to take back the majority in the Senate.

Republicans hold a 53-47 majority in the Senate and holding the seat in North Carolina is incredibly important. North Carolina is one of those states that is by many metrics a purple state and holding it is critical.

What remains to be seen is if North Carolinian voters weigh the scandal heavily enough to vote against Cunningham.