Breaking: Tucker Carlson Drops A Bombshell On The CDC – It Is True!

(IL) – Tucker Carlson on Thursday night highlighted reports out of Israel and America showing the serious risks of heart inflammation (myocarditis) among young people who’ve been given Pfizer and Moderna’s experimental mRNA injections and spoke against forcing young people to take the experimental shots.


Here’s the video of Fauci admitting that “probably” only around 50% to 60% of the employees at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases have even taken the experimental “vaccine.”

CDC director Rochelle Walensky refused to say what percentage of CDC employees have taken the shot.

Tucker also interviewed Alex Berenson:

This is the key question:

Camilla Canepa, an 18-year-old Italian girl who took the AstraZeneca shot the first day it was available on May 25, was hospitalized within a week and died from stroke less than two weeks later.

Why are they pushing these shots on healthy young people who have almost zero risk of dying from covid itself?

No one has ever provided a serious explanation.

One day before Canepa took her shot in Italy, Fauci himself was asked by a man in makeup as part of a scripted “town hall” why young people should get the vaccine and said they should take it “because they are not exempt from getting serious illness.”

Partial transcript:

MAN IN MAKEUP: There’s a lot of rumors that are going around that young and healthy people don’t need to get the vaccine. You should save it for people who are a little bit older. What do you guys think about that? Both of your guys’ thoughts.

FAUCI: Young children, even though when they get infected it’s unlikely that they would have a serious disease compared to an elderly person or a person who has an underlying condition, they are not exempt from getting serious illness.

So you want to protect the youngsters be they adolescents be they young children you want to protect them there’s no doubt about it. But then there’s also the responsibility that you have of not being part of spreading the infection throughout the community. So you almost want to take what I call a societal responsibility. Protecting children also protects society.

[They appear to have cut out Biden’s response entirely.]

According to Fauci, they’re supposed to take these experimental shots because they’re not “exempt” from getting sick.

What the hell does that even mean?

Most young people who catch the virus are asymptomatic. The overwhelming majority of the tiny fraction of young people getting seriously ill have have serious preexisting conditions.

Fauci’s response was just a series of meaningless slogans.

Should we shut down the vaccine program because young people aren’t exempt from getting horrible and potentially deadly side effects?

Should we stop vaccinating adults because vaccinated people aren’t exempt from getting covid, nor even from dying of covid?

Vaccinated people are also not exempt from spreading covid, should we just shut the whole program down altogether, then?

That’s the exact same logic.

It’s total nonsense, yet Fauci says that if you criticize him “you are attacking science!”

Kudos to Tucker Carlson for speaking out against this lunacy!