BREAKING VIDEO: They’ve Been SHOT – BLM Rioter Attack Caught on Camera

(informationliberation) – Three rioters were shot and two died after allegedly attacking a young man guarding businesses in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday night.

The first shooting took place in a parking lot after a mob was filmed chasing the guard and throwing objects at him.


UPDATE: This is a remarkable compilation combining seemingly all of the so-far available videos of the incident in chronological order as made by Twitter user V4Volk.

You can see the guard only shot after being charged and violently attacked by rioters and even tried to provide medical help to the first man he shot who attacked him.

It is suspected the man who got shot in the head was this white guy seen mouthing off and repeatedly encouraging a group of armed guards to “shoot me n*gga!”

The shooter was then chased down by a mob and kicked and attacked with a skateboard whereupon he fired three or four shots at three attackers, hitting two, at least one of which was armed with a handgun but appears to have got his shooting arm blown off before he could use it:

The video, which was captured by Brendan Gutenschwager, shows the shooter immediately ran to police with his hands up as he continued to be attacked from behind by rioters.

Second angle:

From the AP:
Cellphone video of at least two of the shootings that was posted online shows what appears to be a white man with a semi-automatic rifle jogging down the middle of a street as a crowd and some police officers follow him. Someone in the crowd can be heard asking “What did he do?” and another responds that the man had shot someone.

The man with the gun stumbles and falls, and as he’s approached by people in the crowd, he fires three or four shots from the seated position, hitting at least two people, including one who falls over and another who stumbles away to frantic shouts of “Medic! Medic!”

With the crowd scattering, the shooter stands up and continues walking down the street as police cars arrive. The man puts up his hands and walks toward the squad cars, with someone in the crowd yelling at police that the man just shot someone, but several of the cars drive past him toward the people who had been shot.

Beth told the Journal Sentinel that no one had been detained over the shootings, but that he thought at least one person would be soon based on video police had reviewed.

“I feel very confident we’ll have him in a very short time,” he said.
The man who fired the shots may have been part of a libertarian multi-racial group who said they were in Kenosha to protect Black Lives Matter protesters and protect private property.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (D) encouraged the riots on day one despite admitting “we do not have all the details” in the Jacob Blake shooting.

The details later turned out to be that Jacob Blake was a violent felon wanted for third-degree sexual assault, domestic abuse and criminal trespass, and he was shot while fighting with police and moving to enter his vehicle where he could have grabbed a weapon (in a 2015 arrest, Blake had a handgun stashed under his driver’s side car seat).

The shooting was, without question, completely justified but we’ve had three days of riots with almost no police in sight and private citizens forced to take their protection into their own hands.

Governor Evers needs to be held criminally liable for blocking law enforcement from enforcing the law and not allowing the Trump administration to send in the National Guard and put down these riots on day one.

When law enforcement are blocked from doing their job and rioters are allowed to act out and stage performative rebellions, all their criminal actions are effectively state-sanctioned violence.

It’s time for the DOJ and Attorney General William Barr to get off his a** and bring these criminal Democratic Governors up on charges!