Eric Holder Posts Ominous Picture Of Two Assassinated Politicians And A Message Directly To Trump

(Gateway Pundit) – Deep state Democrat operatives are more emboldened by the day.

Obviously, they gain comfort in knowing Republicans are too weak to prosecute them for their crimes (so far).

And they also feel emboldened now that the entire intelligence apparatus is behind them or too afraid to speak out against them.

On Tuesday Eric Holder posted a cryptic tweet that lit up the internet.

The former Obama Attorney General and father of Fast and Furious scandal posted a cryptic tweet on the coronavirus that many see as a threat.

Eric Holder: Does anyone think that if there were a consequential national security/economic crisis that this Administration has the intellectual capacity and policy acumen to navigate the nation through it? The answer, frighteningly, is no. Now we have the coronavirus and they have no idea.

Many Trump supporters believe this was a cryptic threat against President Trump.