JUST IN: Biden Breaks Silence On Hunter Allegations With One-Word Response

(trendingpoliticsnews) – On Monday, Joe Biden finally broke his silence on the ongoing allegations concerning his son, Hunter Biden. When asked whether he had lied about his discussions with his son regarding business deals, the President responded with a simple yet firm, “No.”

Critics and investigators have been pressing for answers on whether the President had prior knowledge of or involvement in his son’s business transactions.

In previous interviews and public statements, Joe has asserted that he had never spoken to his son about his overseas business dealings. However, these assertions have been challenged recently, leading to a clamor for clarification from the President himself.

“Did you lie about never speaking to Hunter about his business dealings?” Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich asked.

“No,” Biden responded.


Despite the brevity of the response, it seems the President will stand firm against the allegations.

The allegations against Hunter Biden have been a point of contention for some time now, with the President’s opponents alleging that he was privy to and possibly involved in his son’s business deals. These claims have been fueled by some purported evidence and have led to calls for a more thorough investigation into the matter.

This past Thursday, allegations were raised by whistleblowers regarding the direct interference of the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) in the criminal investigation involving Hunter Biden. They claimed the DOJ was involved in recurring unjustified delays, a lack of transparency, and threats from the Defense Council to “delay, divulge, and deny” the investigation.

The whistleblowers alleged that the DOJ refused to investigate a WhatsApp message from Hunter Biden to Chinese businessman Henry Zhao, where Hunter threatened that Joe Biden would “destroy” Zhao if payments were not made to the Bidens immediately.

Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO) reported that the U.S. Attorney of Delaware, David Weiss, had been denied the opportunity to bring charges against Hunter Biden in both 2022 and 2023. Smith cited whistleblowers stating the DOJ was intervening and overstepping in the investigation despite a clear case for tax liability on Hunter Biden’s payments.

IRS investigators were reportedly internally hindered, facing issues such as a lack of U.S. Attorney independence, recurring unjustified delays, unusual actions outside the normal course of any investigation, a lack of transparency across the investigation and prosecution teams, and bullying and threats from the Defense Council.

Smith also revealed that U.S. Attorney Leslie Wolf allegedly told IRS investigators that a search warrant for evidence would not be approved if the evidence was to be found in the guest house of former Vice President Biden. He further reported that crucial information about the investigation was leaked to Hunter Biden’s attorneys. Specifically, when there was probable cause to search a Northern Virginia storage unit where Hunter Biden had stored files, Biden’s attorneys were alerted in advance.

According to the whistleblowers, IRS investigators faced significant internal obstacles in their investigation, despite what they described as a clear case for tax liability on the payments. The testimony further alleged a lack of U.S. Attorney independence and unusual actions outside the normal course of any investigation.

It will be interesting to see how the situation develops from here and how it might impact the President’s term moving forward. As always, the public and media will be closely watching for any new developments in this story, as the relationship between the President and his son continues to be the subject of intense scrutiny.