JUST IN: Legal Expert Reveals How Trump Indictment Could Backfire On Biden

(trendingpoliticsnews) – Following the recent indictment of former President Donald Trump in relation to the 2020 election, CNN stated that the charges were “personal” for President Joe Biden, who had previously described Trump’s rhetoric as akin to “sedition.” However, Trump was not charged with sedition, seditious conspiracy, or conspiracy to incitement or insurrection, which were the grounds for his second impeachment.

If Biden perceives this case as personal, as suggested by CNN, it could be for an unexpected reason. The case being built against Trump by Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith could potentially pose a significant issue for Biden, especially as a foundation for a House impeachment inquiry.

Jonathan Turley, a constitutional law scholar and legal analyst, discussed the potential implications of former President Donald Trump’s indictment on current President Joe Biden. Turley suggested that the charges against Trump, which are based on disinformation, could potentially be used against Biden in the future, especially in the context of a House impeachment inquiry.

The indictment against Trump is based on the premise that he knowingly spread false information about the 2020 election results, which is considered a violation of the First Amendment. Turley argues that this approach to criminalizing disinformation is a slippery slope that could give the Justice Department unprecedented power.

The twist in this situation, according to Turley, is that the same controversial linchpin used against Trump could be used against Biden. He points to instances where Biden has been accused of knowingly disregarding constitutional limitations, such as renewing a national eviction moratorium despite being advised that it would be unconstitutional.

Turley talked about the growing corruption scandal involving Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. He argues that if guilt by implication or association is used against Trump, it could also be a dangerous legal standard for Biden.

Far more serious are the accusations facing Biden over his response to a growing corruption scandal allegedly involving his son and others. It now seems clear that Biden has lied to the public for years on critical details of the scandal. Indeed, his denial of any knowledge or involvement in his son’s overseas business deals go back to the 2020 presidential debate.

Biden also denied that Hunter Biden received any money from China, which the Washington Post now declares to be manifestly untrue. For years, Biden has allowed his staff, including White House officials, to repeat his denials while opposing any further investigation.

That is why guilt by implication or association, as employed by special counsel Smith against Trump, could be a dangerous legal standard for Joe Biden…

Biden surely knew his denials of knowledge and interactions were untrue, even as his aides misinformed the public and as congressional and federal investigations occurred.

Now, according to special counsel Smith, such knowing lies can be criminal matters, at least in the case of Donald Trump. For Congress, it could also trigger impeachment inquiries in the case of Joe Biden — and that would make this very personal indeed.

Devon Archer testified to the House Oversight Committee that he and Hunter were selling “the brand” and Joe Biden was part of it. Archer revealed that despite the innocuous nature of their conversations, the calls with Biden in the presence of Hunter’s business partners were significant due to the access they provided. Archer later confirmed in a media interview that Biden was aware of and involved in his son’s business dealings.