JUST IN: Tucker Addresses Latest Biden Allegations, Ukraine Conflict In New Monologue

Tucker Carlson covered a wide range of topics during the most recent installment of Tucker On Twitter, including growing authoritarianism in Ukraine, Joe Biden’s mental decline and an avalanche of corruption allegations. Carlson speculated that the Democratic Party has tapped California Governor Gavin Newsom as Biden’s successor and could seek to place him in the White House sooner rather than later.

Carlson began his monologue by questioning the rationale for the war in Ukraine, highlighting several politicians from both parties who have pledged to defend “democracy” by arming the nation. He then compared these statements with growing authoritarian measures undertaken by Ukraine, including crackdowns on opposing political parties, media outlets and even the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Most recently, Ukrainian President Zelensky stated that next year’s elections will take place only if Ukraine wins the war. “Now that’s not just any autocrat, that’s our chief ally in the war for democracy. This is the guy who just announced he’s likely to cancel next year’s elections,” Carlson said of Zelensky.

He went on to discuss the recent IRS whistleblower allegations against President Biden, including the disclosure of a WhatsApp message sent by Hunter Biden to his Chinese business partner. “Last week a whistleblower produced WhatsApp messages from Hunter Biden proving that at the very least, his father knew about his influence peddling operations abroad and probably participated in them,” Carlson said before quoting the message in which Hunter demanded payments under threat of “destroying” his business partner. Hunter Biden noted that his father was in the room.

“As much as anything reported about the Bidens over the last several years, this was the smoking gun. There it is, right there, in the message. That would have been enough to cripple a normal president. It would have been more than enough to keep a normal president from running for office again,” Carlson went on to say. “But it had no effect on Joe Biden.”

Carlson went on to highlight Biden’s rapid aging and predicted that the Democratic Party would pivot to California Governor Gavin Newsom sooner rather than later.