LOL: Press Briefing Turns Chaotic After Reporter Accuses KJP Of Discrimination(WATCH)

During Monday’s White House press briefing, reporter Simon Ateba found himself in a verbal tussle with Karine Jean-Pierre, accusing the Press Secretary of consistently ignoring his questions and discriminating against him for the past nine months.

Ateba, known for his persistent and challenging style, did not shy away from expressing his discontent with KJP, stating, “You have discriminated against me for the past nine months!”

“Please, allow me to do my job and ask my questions,” Ateba explained.

His allegations of discrimination generated immediate friction in the room. “If this continues, you’re being incredibly rude. You’re talking over your colleagues,” KJP retorted.


This isn’t the first time Ateba has taken aim at KJP. In March earlier this year, Ateba hilariously went off on KJP telling her “you’re making a mockery of the First Amendment!” Ateba continued to stand up for himself yelling at KJP for not answering questions. He explained, “This is not China! This is not Russia,” as the room turned into a frenzy.