REPORT: Biden’s CIA Knew About Ukraine’s Plot To Bomb Nord Stream And Cripple European Energy For Months

(trendingpoliticsnews) – New details have emerged linking Ukraine’s military to a covert attack on the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline. As reported, three months prior to the disastrous underwater explosions, the Biden administration was briefed by a close European ally on Ukraine’s plans to sabotage the vital pipeline. Notably, this intelligence directly links the Ukrainian government to what US and Western officials have decried as an audacious and perilous act against Europe’s energy network.

The intelligence data, reportedly shared via Discord by Massachusetts Air National Guard member Jack Teixeira, was obtained from an inside source in Ukraine. The Washington Post received a copy from one of the Airman’s friends online. Despite not being immediately verified, it was circulated among US, German, and other European intelligence services, provoking critical questions about the administration’s response. Teixeira was the young man arrested on April, 13 for leaking classified documents on Discord.

Stunningly, the intelligence suggests that the Ukrainian plot involved a small team of divers directly reporting to the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian armed forces. These highly specific details bolster suspicions about Ukraine’s complicity in the attack, while German investigators have found evidence aligning closely with the reported plan.

While Ukrainian officials have denied the country’s involvement in the Nord Stream attack, they offered no comment on these revelations. Similarly, the White House and the CIA declined to answer any queries concerning the European intelligence report and the alleged Ukrainian plot, including the crucial question of whether any attempts were made to thwart the attack.

The underwater explosions in September wrought havoc on the Nord Stream pipelines, causing massive gas leaks. President Biden initially attributed the sabotage to Russia, promising the US would collaborate with its allies to unearth the truth. However, as evidence mounts against Ukraine, the administration has remained conspicuously quiet, with European officials similarly reticent for fear of weakening their unified stance against Russia.

Interestingly, European intelligence indicates that the would-be attackers were not independent agents. The plan was reportedly coordinated by Gen. Valery Zaluzhny, Ukraine’s highest-ranking military officer, while President Volodymyr Zelensky was purposely kept in the dark. This raises further questions about the Ukrainian government’s role and motive.

This damning intelligence highlights not only the damaging impacts on Europe’s energy infrastructure, but also raises severe concerns about the role of the Biden administration. Did it knowingly ignore the intelligence, thereby endangering Europe’s energy security? If so, why? These unanswered questions hang heavily over the administration.

Moreover, the leaks implicate more than just the administration’s reputation. Jack Teixeira, the alleged whistleblower, was charged in the investigation into leaks of hundreds of pages of classified military intelligence. These leaked documents have far-reaching implications, putting allies on alert and prompting a Justice Department investigation.

Further analysis revealed that the Ukrainian operation was postponed without explanation, despite having originally been scheduled to coincide with a major allied naval exercise, BALTOPS, in June 2022. The Ukrainian saboteurs intended to strike undetected, using false identities to rent a boat and dive deep into the Baltic Sea. Shockingly, German investigators now believe that a nearly identical strategy was employed in the actual September attack, strengthening suspicions of Ukrainian involvement.

Despite its declared concerns about the pipeline, the Biden administration lifted Trump-era sanctions on the Russia-to-Germany pipeline as a goodwill gesture towards Berlin. The repair costs for the pipelines are projected to run into hundreds of millions of dollars, a hefty price for a disaster that could potentially have been avoided.

More leaks of Washington’s foreknowledge of the planned attacks highlights a concerning disregard for European security and further strain on US relations. The Biden administration now must face up to its handling of the intelligence report, as public scrutiny intensifies over its potential role in one of the most damaging attacks on European energy infrastructure to date.