REPORT: Fox News Banned Senators Who Support Tucker Carlson From Joining Network

(trendingpoliticsnews) – Fox News is reportedly implementing broad-reaching internal changes, according to tweets from media analyst and biographer Chadwick Moore.

Moore’s tweets, which appear to be sourced from insiders at Fox News, reveal that the network has barred sitting U.S. Senators from making appearances if they have publicly defended Tucker Carlson after he faced a controversial firing.

“Sources inside Fox have confirmed to me that Fox News has banned sitting members of the U.S. Senate from appearing on the network if that Senator has publicly defended TuckerCarlson in the aftermath of his cancellation.” Moore posted on his Twitter account.

Furthermore, producers are reported to feel “insulted” due to nominal wage increases of 0 or 1% amid the layoffs, while Abby Grossberg, a figure apparently instrumental in Carlson’s departure, allegedly received a $12 million payout. This financial disparity, Moore reports, has significantly impacted team morale, especially on top of “company-wide layoffs” that “no one is reporting on.”

The anonymous source also divulged that there has been “frantic, bipolar guidance almost daily on blacklisted and unblacklisted guests, including sitting members of the Senate.” This detail seems to point to confusion and disarray within the network.

According to Moore, Fox News decided to fire Carlson at the last minute in May, amidst the preparation for a trial over accusations that the network allowed Carlson to defame Dominion Voting Systems regarding the 2020 election. The network agreed to pay a $787 million settlement and fired Carlson shortly after.

Following Carlson’s termination, a backlash ensued among conservatives who feel betrayed by Fox’s decision. Carlson’s legal team is still negotiating the terms of his contract termination. Fox declined Carlson’s request to start his own show on Twitter, prompting his allies to question Fox’s conservative principles. Notably, publicists at Fox reportedly maintain an “oppo file” on Carlson to use if he violates his contract conditions.

Moore also previously revealed that a number of Fox employees have quit the network to work with Carlson on his new Twitter program. Moore also disclosed that Alex McCaskill, a former Fox producer fired over labeling President Biden as a “wannabe dictator”, would soon be collaborating with Carlson again.

Meanwhile, Fox News has been struggling with substantial changes since Carlson’s abrupt departure. Its 8 p.m. viewership has halved from 3 million. Fox CEO Suzanne Scott announced a new lineup with unchanged anchors but different time slots, commencing on July 17th. The reshuffle was another pivot for the network, already grappling with the fallout from Carlson’s exit. Moore confirmed that nine Fox employees, including McCaskill, had left to join Carlson’s new venture.