REVEALED: Shadow Billionaire Funding Sexual Assault Suit Against Trump Is LinkedIn’s Founder

(trendingpoliticsnews) – The mysterious billionaire funding a sexual assault lawsuit levied against former President Donald Trump by E. Jean Carroll has been revealed after years of speculation.

Reid Hoffman, a billionaire co-founder of social media networking giant Linkedin and now a top donor for the Democrats, has been quietly bankrolling Carroll’s rape suit against Trump, according to court records revealed Thursday.

Hoffman’s identity as the shadow funder for Carroll was disclosed in “last-minute” correspondence between lawyers for both sides.

According to the Daily Beast, Hoffman is not just bankrolling Democrats but also dead set on weakening Trump’s position as the de facto leader of the Republican Party:

Hoffman is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who founded the professional social network LinkedIn. In recent years, Vox also identified him as a major Democratic donor who has made it his mission to loosen Trump’s control over the Republican Party.

According to Insider, Hoffman’s distaste for Trump’s authoritarian and anti-democratic tendencies has even strained his personal relationship with another Silicon Valley staple, Peter Thiel, who has conversely fashioned himself as a bankroller of right-wing causes.

Trump’s team of lawyers, led by Amina Habba and Joe Tacopina, are now pushing to delay the trial, which is slated to begin in a matter of weeks, in light of the news that Hoffman is behind the suit.

Habba and Tacopina claimed in a letter to the federal judge overseeing the case that Carroll perjured herself, citing an October deposition in which she claimed no one else was funding her lawyers.

“The proposition that [Carroll] has suddenly ‘recollected’ the source of her funding for this high-profile litigation—which has spanned four years, spawned two separate actions, and been before numerous state, federal, and appellate courts—is not only preposterous, it is demonstrably false,” the letter reads.

“[Carroll] apparently perjured herself during her deposition; her counsel sat by and allowed her to do so, knowing full well that her testimony was false; and then they conspired to conceal the truth for nearly six months, only to disclose it on the eve of trial.”