SICKENING: Iranian Regime Releases Propaganda “Hard Revenge” – Showing Plans To Kill President Trump(Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Iranian regime officials including members of the Supreme National Security Council have vowed to take a ‘hard revenge’ on the US. Iranian operatives are using the hashtag #Hard_Revenge on Twitter to push their threat.

This week Iran released a short film “Hard Revenge” where Iranian operatives blow up the US Capitol Building and kill President Trump in the White House.

The film shows the top of the US Capitol Building getting blown up.

The movie displays an Iranian hit list that includes President Trump, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Secretary of State Pompeo, the Saudi leader and one other.

And the terrorists raid the White House where they murder President Trump.

After firing several missiles at US bases in Iraq the Iranian regime is now threatening attacks on the United States.

Via Heshmat Alavi:

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