The Democrats Are Trying To Crash The U.S Economy – But Here Is What You Need To Know!

(Gateway Pundit) – While the US shuts down all commerce for weeks and destroys the economy, other countries like Sweden and Brazil are doing the opposite and allowing the China coronavirus to run its course.

Data indicates there no material differences in fatalities between the three countries leading the casual observer to question why is the US killing its economy?

The US continues to prevent nearly all commerce from occurring to combat the China coronavirus. Many other countries are following suit. But some countries like Sweden and Brazil are keeping their countries open for business.

Data shows that the fatalities related to the coronavirus in these countries are very similar to those in the US.

Numbers from Worldometer 4-0-20:

Coronavirus deaths in Sweden appear to have peaked.

Coronavirus deaths in Brazil may have peaked.

Coronavirus deaths in US may have plateaued but not peaked.

President Trump got duped by Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and the so-called coronavirus experts.

It’s time to open the US economy before the damage is too great to reverse.