WATCH: CNN Hosts Lose It After Their Own Focus Group Refuses To Voice Support For Involvement In Ukraine

(trendingpoliticsnews) – In a recent broadcast, CNN anchors were left visibly taken aback when a focus group of voters did not express overt support for US involvement in Ukraine – at all. The focus group started with a simple question: “If you think the United States should be supporting Ukraine in the fight against Putin, raise your hand.”

What followed was an awkward silence, with none of the voters raising their hands. A seemingly baffled John King prompted again, “Nobody?”

King, one of CNN’s veteran journalists, was quick to chime in on the surprising outcome. Drawing a comparison, he remarked that listening to the Republican voters’ skepticism about Ukraine felt “like watching the open of an old Tucker Carlson show…”

While it was evident that the response (or lack thereof) from the focus group was unexpected, King hypocritically sought to humanize the participants. He said, “They’re good people…They go to Church!” But he also expressed concerns over misinformation and the increasing distrust towards mainstream media.

“They believe things that would break our fact-check machine…And they don’t trust us! They think we’re part of the problem!” King stated.