WATCH: Jim Jordan Reveals 3 Burning Questions For Fani Willis In Collusion Probe

(trendingpoliticsnews) – Jim Jordan (R-OH), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has three questions for Fani Willis, the Fulton County District Attorney who indicted Donald Trump. In that vein, Representative Jordan tweeted, “Was Fulton County DA Fani Willis working with Jack Smith? Was she communicating with the Executive Branch? Were any federal funds used in the investigation of President Trump?”

The Ohio politician repeated these questions during an interview albeit using slightly different wordage. He revealed in that interview that he had three questions. “Did you coordinate with the Biden administration- the same administration who has indicted their general election opponent in DC and Miami already?” He shortened this question to “did you coordinate with them?” Mr. Jordan then asked, “did you coordinate with Jack Smith?”

On the question, Jordan was wondering if she used the same witnesses that Special Counsel Jack Smith did and operated off the same list.

Representative Jordan then asked, “Did you use federal funds as part of this investigation?” Jordan noted, “We asked these same questions about Alvin Bragg [the Manhattan District Attorney who first indicted Trump] a few months ago and he in fact did use American tax dollars to go after President Trump in Manhattan….we are going to be just as aggressive here. We are going to do it within the [bounds of the] Constitution but we are going to do our duty to get the answers the American people deserve for this ridiculous indictment that has taken place in Georgia.”

It is not just federal officials who can investigate and put pressure on Fani Willis to stop her politicized prosecution. Robert Barnes, a constitutional lawyer, wrote that Chris Carr (R), the Attorney General of Georgia, “promised honest elections, rule of law, and stopping prosecutorial abuse of power. The law requires you to step in any removed case. Why is your office AWOL on #GeorgiaIndictment of President Trump?”

Mr. Barnes then cited Georgian legal statute that “states ‘the Attorney General to appear for the state as the prosecuting officers’ with the DA in any removed case. [Jeff Clark, one of the co-defendants] removed the #GeorgiaIndictment against #Trump to federal court. Where is [Attorney General Carr] and why is he AWOL?”

State Senator Colton Moore (R-GA) has demanded that the state legislature get involved in investigating, defunding, and impeaching Fani Willis over this act. “I’m here at the Fulton County Jail awaiting the arrival of President Donald Trump. I’ve launched the process to have an emergency session to DEFUND and INVESTIGATE the corrupt DA Fani Willis for her actions targeting Trump,” wrote Moore.