WATCH: Lauren Boebert Breaks Her Silence, Fuels Speculation With Cryptic Comments

(trendingpoliticsnews) – In a recent public appearance, Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert broke her silence on the controversial incident that has been making headlines. During a brief interaction with TMZ, Boebert was asked about her challenging week.

Boebert alluded to the incident, saying, “Ultimately all future date nights have been canceled. And I learned to check party affiliations before you go on a date.” This comment led some to speculate whether the “date” was a setup of some sort. She also added, “But all in all, it was mostly a lovely time. And I’ve taken responsibility for my actions. I’d love to know how the musical ended. And I encourage people to go and see it. But yeah, it was a great time back in the district seeing voters.”

The Congresswoman’s remarks come in the wake of a widely reported incident at Denver’s Buell Theatre during a performance of “Beetlejuice.” Boebert faced backlash for her behavior at the theater, which included vaping during the performance. The incident led to her removal from the venue.

When pressed about the reaction of her constituents, Boebert noted, “Yeah, there’s a lot of folks who are certainly understanding. And they understand that it was a part of my personal life, my private time, something that I rarely involve in.”


While she acknowledged the controversy and expressed a desire to move forward, her remarks left many questions unanswered. The incident at the Buell Theatre is just one of several controversies that have surrounded Boebert since she took office.

Known for her outspoken nature and staunch conservative views, she has been a polarizing figure in Congress.