WATCH: Shapley, Ziegler Describe ‘Chilling’ Retaliation Faced After Blowing The Whistle On IRS

(trendingpoliticsnews) – In Wednesday’s hearing, IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Jospeh Ziegler courageously came forward to expose the retaliatory practices carried out by the upper echelons of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) following their disclosures of potential misconduct within the agency. As a response to their brave actions, Rep. Sessions (R-TX) showed the clear disregard for the law that was conducted by IRS management.

Shapley, who spearheaded global investigations, spoke about the alarming practices adopted by his superiors. He recounted how his management has drastically reduced communications, dragging their feet on his cases and cutting him off almost entirely.

Such actions not only obstructed Shapley’s operations but potentially endangered the lives of agents involved. Shapley unequivocally stated, “None of this is normal.”

Ziegler also narrated his distressing experiences of professional isolation post-disclosure. He recounted a disconcerting response from the management suggesting he may have contravened the law and warned him not to repeat such actions. Moreover, he was instructed to channel all emails through his leadership.

“To have that come to me was chilling,” said Ziegler, evidently moved by the ordeal. Although he found some supportive figures within his agency, the majority of his experience was decidedly adverse.


These testimonies were delivered within a broader hearing, focusing on the purported special treatment given to individuals closely associated with the President by the Department of Justice and the IRS. The actions, as described, contradict the nation’s foundational principles. Shapley and Ziegler had invoked their rights under the Whistleblower Protection Act to bring potential malpractice within the IRS to light, only to be met with retaliation instead of the legal protections they were due.

In response to these allegations, Rep. Sessions, chairman of the government operations subcommittee, committed to addressing retaliatory behaviors within the IRS and other agencies. He emphasized the necessity of whistleblower protections to uphold U.S. law, asserting that these instances of retaliation must be taken seriously.

Sessions was grateful to Shapley and Ziegler for their courage and adherence to the country’s principles. He assured them that their experiences would not be in vain and pledged to further investigate the alleged retaliatory practices, reinforcing the message that the integrity of public institutions is paramount and those who stand up for what is right will be protected.

Ziegler unveiled damning insights about his investigation into Hunter Biden, the President’s son. He alleged that Biden committed felonies through tax evasion and tax fraud from 2017 to 2019, while authorities obstructed AG Weiss’s investigation.

Ziegler also advocated for the appointment of a Special Counsel given the severity of the case. Both he and fellow investigators sought to charge Hunter Biden with felony charges, a move hindered by intervention from the DOJ.

Despite supporting evidence, the DOJ denied the partnership and Special Counsel status for Weiss. The hearing also revealed details of the DOJ hampering further investigations into communications between CEFC China and Joe Biden.

The disturbing topic of Hunter Biden’s payments to sex workers was also raised by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, suggesting potential violations of the Mann Act.

Agent Shapley corroborated Ziegler’s sentiment about the obstruction from the DOJ and FBI in executing a search warrant on Hunter Biden. The hearing emphasized their belief in the DOJ’s prioritizing political fallout over the pursuit of justice.