WATCH: Tucker Slams DOJ’s Indictment Of U.S. Citizens For Posting Anti-Ukraine Memes

(trendingpoliticsnews) – In Thursday’s airing of his show, Tucker Carlson criticized the Department of Justice (DOJ) for pursuing charges against a group of black nationalist left-wingers who actually oppose the war in Ukraine. According to the indictment, the group wrote articles and gave speeches containing Russian propaganda and disinformation, and “sought to interfere in elections within the United States.”

Carlson argued that regardless of the opinions expressed by the group, their right to free speech should be protected under the First Amendment, and that criminalizing dissent is a dangerous path for any government to take.

Glenn Greenwald, the host of System Updates, joined the show and agreed that the DOJ’s actions are part of a broader trend of using tactics meant for foreign terrorist groups to target domestic dissidents. He argued that the charges against the group were unjustified, as they were not being paid by a foreign government to say anything, but were simply expressing their opinions, which are constitutionally protected.


Carlson further argued that the DOJ’s pursuit of these charges is part of the Biden administration’s broader goal of launching a domestic war on terror, and that anti-establishment dissidents like this group are perceived as the real enemy. Carlson claimed that these charges are an attempt to criminalize dissent in the United States and are a violation of the First Amendment.

The indictment of US citizens for posting anti-Ukraine war memes sets a dangerous precedent that could undermine the freedom of speech enshrined in the First Amendment.

“We’re not defending that guy because we agree with all of his views. We probably don’t,” Carlson explained.”That is totally irrelevant. What do you agree with? What someone is saying has nothing to do with his right to say it. Americans are allowed to say what they think is true. Period. If they take that right away, you are no longer a citizen, you are a slave.”

Carlson and Greenwald also criticized liberals and progressives for not speaking out against the charges and defending the group’s First Amendment rights. They argued that protecting free speech is essential to maintaining a free and open society and that criminalizing dissent is a dangerous path that could lead to tyranny.

“This is the tactic that tyrants always use,” Greenwald said. “When they can’t persuade people, when they can’t convince people that what they’re doing is right, they turn to force.”

Their argument underscores the critical need for protecting dissenting voices, regardless of their political beliefs, and for speaking out against any attempt to stifle free expression. It is a fundamental right of every American to voice their opinion.