Outraged Patriot is an online news publication consisting of news, commentary and analysis. The Outraged Patriot focuses on topics that Patriots care about. As many Patriots continue to lose trust in the purportedly unbiased nature of older newspapers and networks, The Outraged Patriot is rapidly filling the gap as a trusted source of news and information for the stories and views that remain untold by establishment news sources.

In our news coverage, we do not support political parties or specific candidates. Our news section is news, and presents the facts. In our opinion and blog sections, we do however support ideas that those parties or political candidates may espouse. Even more important than supporting policies we might agree with editorially is our obligation to our readers to give a complete picture of the truth regardless of our beliefs. We should honestly report facts at variance with points of view we may hold. There are many issues where we should let the facts speak for themselves and allow our readers to make up their own minds.

As a values-based news organization, we believe that it is vitally important that we are transparent about our beliefs and how they may affect our coverage priorities. We believe that we should be open about values we hold, rather than hiding behind a veneer of “unbiased” coverage.

Founded in the context of a establishment media that in general reflects a politically liberal worldview, we do make editorial choices to tell stories that fill a gap in coverage priorities at establishment media outlets.

Outraged Patriot upholds traditional Christian values as articulated in the Bible. These values include beliefs in original sin, the fallen nature of man, the exclusivity of Christ, the need for government to restrain men from injuring each other, the fundamental value of every human life — including the unborn, a rejection of racism in all forms and the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. Politically, The Outraged Patriot advocates for broadly conservative positions on most issues, including abortion, national defense, small government, gay marriage, tax policy and individual freedom.

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