ALERT: Twitter Caught Censoring President Trump’s Account — Deleting Several Tweets From His Homepage

(Gateway Pundit) – For years now the tech giants have been censoring top conservative voices on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google and other platforms.

The tech giants face no consequences for their actions so they continue to silence conservative, pro-Trump voices.

On Friday Twitter was caught censoring President Trump’s Twitter account.

President Trump tweeted out this tweet last night at 8:57 PM.

But this tweet is not on his timeline.

It is not on his homepage.

President Trump also tweeted on First Lady Melania Trump, Rep. Debbie Lesko and Rep. Rashida Tlaib on Friday.

But none of these tweets appear in his timeline.

None of these tweets appear on his page.

Twitter appears to be playing games censoring President Trump’s account!

Hat Tip Eddie