Amazing: Albany County DA Soares: Gov Cuomo Under Criminal Investigation

(breitbart) – Albany County District Attorney David Soares said Tuesday on NBC’s “Nightly News” that his office is carrying out a criminal investigation into Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY).

Holt said, “I just spoke exclusively with Albany County district attorney David Soares who is conducting an investigation of Governor Cuomo. I began by asking him if his office is doing a separate investigation.”

Soares said, “We are conducting a separate investigation. I think after today’s presentation, which here in Albany county we were witnessing at the same time that the rest of New Yorkers were witnessing, it’s pretty clear that we have an obligation here, and thus, we’ve reached out to the attorney general’s office seeking all of the evidence upon which they uncovered and relied upon off of their report.”

Holt asked, “Based on what you’ve seen in this report, is any of the behavior described and attributed to the governor, would any of that would be considered criminal?”

Soares said, “Well, the allegations early on certainly led myself and other prosecutors with concurring jurisdiction to believe that criminal activity, in fact, had taken place, but we will conduct our own independent investigation. It will be done expeditiously, and we will arrive at those conclusions.”