BREAKING: 25th Amendment Enacted? – This Is Bad

(breitbart) – MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle said Thursday on “Morning Joe” that President Donald Trump’s video speech on the 2020 election was so “mentally ill” the 25th Amendment should be invoked “before more damage is done.”

Barnicle said, “History is a constant stenographer. It records everything that happens by the moment each and every day. What is happening now is deeply historic because we have a president of the United States, the commander in chief, that is his title, the commander in chief, who has walked away for more than a quarter-million Americans dead. More than 2,000 yesterday alone, dead. He has walked away from these duties. He has left the field. He’s surrounded by people who have not heard or answered the call of the country. The country wants leadership. There was leadership in this country at several different points in the history of this country.”

He continued, “Where are the Republicans? Where are the Republican United States senators who perhaps heard of or listened to that 46-minute mentally ill rant last night from the president of the United States?”

Ha added, “Anyone who listened or heard what Donald Trump said last night and were commissioned by the people of their states to represent the state and the country who did not think maybe we should go down and take this away from him, invoke the 25th Amendment before more damage is done, where are these people? That’s the question of the day. That’s the question of our time.”