BREAKING: Biden Black Out Destroys White House LIE – Proof Shocks World

(townhall) – As Madeline reported on Friday, President Joe Biden claimed that Pope Francis told him he’s a “good Catholic” and should “keep receiving Communion.” We’ll just have to take Biden’s word for it, because the Vatican cut the live feed at the last minute. As it was revealed, according to Jack Posobiec during his “Human Events Daily” podcast posted Friday night, the Vatican wasn’t having the White House’s demands about how the meeting was supposed to be staged. 

Many news outlets reported in their coverage of the Vatican’s move that it did so without explanation. David Rutz, writing for Fox News, pointed out that “White House press fumes over restricted access to Biden meeting with Pope Francis.”

Quoting a member of the White House Advance Team, who provided the podcast with an exclusive, Posobiec explained that:

“The White House Advance Team and Vatican Advance Team had last minute disagreement over shooting angles, moving in for sound bites, cut off time for live footage, and a plethora of other choreography-related issues.”

And I said, ‘what did you mean?’

“Advance Team One had soundbites. Biden had a few lines memorized and they wanted the Pope to say something specific in response to those lines. Plus specific camera angles. It was supposed to be playing it up for Catholic America. The Vatican said ‘you’ll get what you’ll get but we aren’t going to do these movie sequel scenes.’ Advance Team said no. Vatican said ‘fine, no live footage at all.’ Obviously something that should have been brought up in advance. He was going to thank Francis for praying for America, and then Biden was going to say that he’s working hard to bring prayer back into the American way of life in the midst of these trying times. He was also going to tell Francis his favorite verse, and all that soundbite stuff. They were hoping that Francis, then, would say something in response to him that could be seen as the Pope’s endorsement of Biden as a true Catholic.”

Posobiec went on to offer “so you get it, they wanted to do all this stuff to set up Biden because of his issues when it comes to the question of abortion.” 

The podcast went on to play a clip of an exchange Madeline also covered, which was White House Press Secretary snapping at EWTN’s Owen Jensen for asking if Biden and Pope Francis’ discussion on their “efforts grounded in respect for fundamental human dignity” would “include the human dignity of the unborn.”

During the testy exchange, during when Psaki pointed out that Jensen often asked about abortion, Psaki emphasized that Biden and Francis agreed on other issues, and would be discussing those. 

It also came up that Pope Francis has consistently clarified that abortion is murder and the Catholic Church is unequivocally against abortion. The Pope made these remarks on abortion last month when asked about the issue.

“You are familiar with where the President stands.  He’s somebody who stands up for and believes that a woman’s right to choose is important,” Psaki said, also adding that “you know that the President believes in a woman’s right to choose. You’re very familiar with this issue.”

After playing the exchange, Posobiec noted that “so you get it, right, this White House understands that they have a huge problem with Joe Biden running around saying he’s a ‘devout Catholic.’ But the guy supports abortion. His entire administration supports abortion. Jen Psaki is up there, saying again and again–won’t he answer the basic question–that he supports abortion.”

Speaking as a Catholic himself, Posobiec hopes Pope Francis will weigh in to correct Biden. “And by the way, Pope Francis should say something about that as well. That you have a President of the United States, one of the most powerful world leaders, who is someone who says ‘I’m a Catholic, I’m a Catholic, I’m a Catholic.’ And I say this as a fellow Catholic, that he should be corrected on his false doctrine and on his false preaching of the Catholic faith.”

On Friday, after meeting with the Pope, President Joe Biden’s official Twitter account communicated support for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe, citing the issue of abortion.

As Andrew Mark Miller reported for Fox News, Biden went on to take Communion at the Saturday vigil Mass at St. Patrick’s, which earned the ire of some Catholic bishops.

The United States Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB) will meet in the coming weeks to go over a document that will clarify worthiness on whether or not to receive Communion, which includes pro-abortion politicians who also espouse a Catholic faith.