BREAKING: Biden Mental Fitness Report Hits Headlines – White House Is FUMING

(breitbart) – The September Harvard/Harris Poll showed that President Joe Biden’s approval is still underwater while the majority of voters “have doubts” about his mental “fitness” for office.

Biden’s approval ticked up a little bit in September but still remains underwater, with only 41 percent who said they approve of him while 55 percent still disapprove of his almost two years into office. There was also five percent who said they were not sure how they felt.

The poll also showed that 56 percent also said they “have doubts” about Biden’s mental “fitness” for serving as president, while only 44 percent said he was “mentally fit.” This number included 67 percent of independents, 85 percent of Republicans, and only 18 percent of Democrats.

Additionally, when asked if Biden is “too old to be president” or “showing he is fit to be president,” 63 percent said “too old,” while only 37 percent said the other. In another question, 67 percent also said Biden should “not run” for another term, while only 33 percent said he should “run.”

Furthermore, when the registered voter respondents were asked what they thought was the “most important issues facing the country today,” 39 percent said “price increases/inflation” is the most important issue. Next was the “economy and jobs” at 26 percent and immigration at 22 percent.

Some of the least important issues to registered voters were “political correctness/cancel culture” at five percent, “foreign policy” at four percent, “cybersecurity” at four percent, and “policing” at three percent.

The Harvard/Harris poll was conducted from September 7 to 8 among 1,885 registered voters.