BREAKING: Biden’s Fed Seize Legos…To Stop Trump?

(breitbart) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) seized a “fully constructed U.S. Capitol Lego set” from the home of a man facing charges in connection with the riot at the Capitol on January 6, according to a court filing last week.

Robert Morss, a substitute social studies teacher, allegedly engaged in violent behavior during the riot, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Video shows him near the front line of rioters who pushed past police guarding the Capitol, organizing a “shield wall” in the attack on officers in the Lower West Terrace tunnel and then entering the building through a broken window, the FBI said.

At one point, Mr. Morss is seen grabbing an officer’s baton and trying to rip it away, agents said in an affidavit.

He is also seen reaching through the crowd and grabbing a fence being held by police to keep the crowd back and then ripping the fence out of the hands of an officer with the assistance of other rioters. He is seen retreating into the crowd with the fence, the FBI said.

In court documents filed July 2, as the Department of Justice pushed for Morss to be detained until trial, the federal government noted:

During his arrest, law enforcement recovered some clothing and other items that appear to match those he carried with him on the 6th – including a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, a neck gaiter, a military utility bag, a black tourniquet, and military fatigues. (Law enforcement also recoverd a fully constructed U.S. Capitol Lego set.) In addition, MORSS had three different firearms including a handgun, a shotgun, and a rifle.

The Hill noted: “It’s unclear why Morss had the Lego set.”

The Capitol set is one of the most sought-after and most expensive LEGO sets, currently priced at $266.95 at

Though President Joe Biden promised not to let politics interfere with the administration of justice, many individuals are being arrested for non-violent behavior during the riot. Critics say that accused Capitol rioters are being prosecuted more vigorously than the left-wing rioters who caused havoc across the nation during unrest last year.