BREAKING: BLM Rioter Gets A Wake Up Call He Will Not Soon Forget(Video)

‘Do not ever, ever touch my vehicle again!’

(Infowars) – Footage posted online shows an individual hopping out of his car and bodyslamming an Antifa member who had just opened the man’s car door.

The video was allegedly shot during this weekend’s Antifa riots in Portland, Oregon.

“Do not ever, ever touch my vehicle again!” the man shouted as a group of Antifa miscreants scattered after seeing their comrade get pounded.

“That guy’s a fucking fed,” one of the communist agitators shrieked as the man got back into his vehicle.

The unidentified individual did appear to be wearing a bulletproof vest, signaling he could be in law enforcement or security.

Another person shouted, “He’s got arrows in the back of his car,” while the camera operator zoomed in on a bag in the back seat.

However, this wasn’t the only incident captured on camera in Portland this weekend.

Investigative journalist Andy Ngo documented the chaotic scenes from the Oregon city on Twitter.

In the following clip, Antifa members arguing with an old man try to steal his bicycle and punch him in the face when he tries to get it back.

Another video of the incident shows the elderly man responding to accusations of racism, saying, “I’m not racist.”

“Yeah you are,” an angry communist shouted as others yelled, “Get the fuck out of here!”

In the next video shot in Portland this weekend, a man is harassed and assaulted by a mob of Antifa terrorists.

The group pours beer on his head and bumps into him as he tries to walk away, explaining, “I’m here every night as the joint fairy and they’re mad.”

That’s right, it appears the morons were assaulting a man who brings them free marijuana cigarettes on a daily basis.

The face-covered commies may have been upset that the man was filming, which is a common complaint among the lawbreaking left.

A disturbing video from the weekend shows the aftermath of an Antifa “protester” allegedly being hit in the face with a tear gas canister.

Warning: Graphic

Another video appears to show the same individual throwing a gas can back at police before being struck in the face and immediately dropping to the ground.

Regarding other happenings in Portland this weekend, Ngo reported a convenience store was robbed, public park restrooms were destroyed and the Elk statue was once again set on fire.

The Post Millenial covered two more stories from Portland this weekend which also highlight the stupidity of the city’s far-left activists.

In one story, BLM and Antifa members claimed a “white supremacist” shot a black male, but the assailant turned out to be another black male.

The second article exposed yet another case of confusion for Portland’s wannabe revolutionaries where they mistook a basketball poster showing an “okay” hand sign for a “white power hand symbol.”

“White Power symbol in window outside the US Court House,” an Antifa activist wrote on Twitter.

The Oregon US Attorney’s Office responded with an image of the poster in question, writing, “We can confirm the poster spotted in a Hatfield Courthouse window this evening is in fact a Portland Trailblazers poster.”

All in all, it seemed to be a terrible weekend for the Portland troublemakers.