BREAKING: BLM Thug Attacks Group Of Children On Trip To DC(VIDEO)

(Gateway Pundit) – A racist black lives matter thug was recently filmed harassing, screaming at and threatening white children on a trip to Washington DC.

This was absolutely disgusting.

So will the left defend this too?

Or will they ignore it like the rest of the rioting, looting and beatings?

The disgusting verbal assault took place in Washington DC over the July 4th weekend.

Flashback: Godless BLM Protest Mob Targets NY Church – Attacks Christians On Church Steps, Including Mother With Baby, Shouts Down Pastor Screaming “Black Lives Matter” During Sermon (Video)

We’re now witnessing the next wave of the destruction and breakdown of US society. Christian churches are the latest target by the godless left.

This is very disturbing.

The mob targeted a Catholic prayer rally and beat several Catholics in St. Louis a week ago.

This past weekend the mob targeted a Troy, New York Church.

The BLM mob attacked Christians on the steps of the church and interrupted the sermon screaming profanities.

The BLM mob was screaming “We’re not here for violence!” as they dragged parishioners from the church steps!

The violent mob then went inside and screamed “Black Lives Matter!” during the sermon.

More video…

The BLM mob screamed at a young mother carrying a baby and walking with two young children into the church.

It appears the BLM mob has been targeting the church for several weeks now after they raffled a rifle.