BREAKING: Clinton Insider Leaks Election Secret – Trump Vindicated…

(breitbart) – Appearing Friday on the Fox Business Network, former Clinton pollster Mark Penn said that Republican candidates have “momentum” going into the 2022 midterm elections.

A transcript is as follows:

DAGEN MCDOWELL: These concerns that you talk about for voters, and the disastrous state of the economy, is it actually playing out in the way that they will vote for Congress and Senate? If it was a presidential election, that might be one thing. But are there concerns and the blame Democrats deserve, is it actually showing up in the numbers?

MARK PENN: CNN had a poll that when you looked at the House races that are contested, they have Republicans ahead by five points in those districts. I think if you went back before Labor Day, I think Democrats had some momentum and I think since them that the momentum has clearly shifted. I think the biggest opportunity for Democrats would have been a change in inflation, but we didn’t see that.