BREAKING: CNN Insider Exposes Dark Secrets About Company – Trump Was Right

(justthenews) – The Great American Show host Lou Dobbs says that CNN has been giving more time, not less, to left-wing activists who pose as journalists. 

“I was one among those who helped to build CNN from its very beginning,” Dobbs said on the Monday edition of the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show. “To see what that institution has gone through and where it is today — you remember when they brought in their new CEO? It was going to be a shift to the center and there was going to be dispassionate, objective, independent news gathering and reporting. They’ve gone the other way.” 

“They’re giving more time to left-wing activists who pose as journalists,” Dobbs continued. “It is right now an institution that is precisely in the place the new CEO found it. And that’s unfortunate, because it also shows how hollow those suggestions were that they would change.”

Dobbs said that the rest of the mainstream media are owned by big corporations. 

“The rest of the media is owned by about a half dozen corporations,” Dobbs stated. “They’re following the orders of those boardrooms and those CEOs. There’s no accident that they went after Donald Trump.”

According to Dobbs, these corporations push woke messaging and it’s a corporate structure. 

“It’s no accident that they push CRT, ESG … and all of the woke programs that they want to pursue,” Dobbs continued. “We’ve got a corporate structure in this country right now that is in desperate need of redirection. There is no place for political engagement on the part of these powerful corporations and it has to stop.”

Dobbs said that the United States has to be taken back from these corporations in order for America to thrive. 

“This is a country that relies on the consent of the governed by a middle class that is vibrant and vigorous and where the American dream lives and shines brightest,” Dobbs concluded. “We have to resurrect all of these institutions.”