BREAKING: Coronavirus Bombshell From Texas – Dems Don’t Want This Getting Out…

(dailyconservative) – John Nolte is the Editor of He’s also just come out with an extremely spicy take on the Coronavirus.

Basically, he’s willing to concede that unvaccinated people are about 40 times more likely to die from COVID than the vaccinated. His argument then becomes the idea that the left is actually HIDING this information from conservatives because they want us dead.

They WANT us to get the virus and die, according to John Nolte.

His logic is based upon a Texas study. The study being based in a red state is enough to convince Nolte that it’s true, not just propaganda drummed up by desperate liberals.

This doesn’t mean that Nolte believes in mask mandates of vaccine mandates. He does not.

He simply thinks that the left is intentionally hiding the one piece of information that would make conservatives get vaccinated because they simply don’t want us to be vaccinated.

They want us to die. That last part, I think we can all agree with.