BREAKING: Democrats Get Bad News – They’re DONE

(dailyconservative) – Not only are Republicans poised to retain control of the Senate and gain seats in the House, they also gained votes in key demographic groups in the presidential race, according to the Market Research Foundation’s assessment of votes cast in the 2020 race.

Hispanic and Black voters gave a larger percentage of their votes to President Donald Trump than to a Republican candidate in any previous race in decades.

Trump got 32% of the Hispanic vote and 12% of the Black vote, increasing both groups by 4%.

He also made gains with younger voters, getting 4% more of whites aged 18 to 29 and 3% more of Hispanics in that age range. His percentage of younger black voters remained unchanged at 9%.

This race showed that increasingly, minorities are feeling more comfortable voting Republican, which could spell trouble for Democrats in future races.