BREAKING: Donald Trump 2024 Election SHOCKER [Details Coming In]

(reitbart) – Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) says the 2024 presidential election is former President Donald Trump’s “to lose” should he seek the White House again.

During an appearance on FNC’s “Hannity,” the South Carolina Republican explained how the GOP remembered Trump’s presidency fondly, declaring him the most successful president from a policy point of view since former President Ronald Reagan.

“Yes, if he wants it — unless there is something coming out of left field,” Graham said. “It’s his nomination if he wants it. The Republican base appreciated him. We don’t appreciate all of the things he does sometimes. But from a policy point of view, he was the most successful president since Reagan. It’s his nomination if he wants it. And he will be in the White House in 2024 if he runs a disciplined campaign.”

“What he should do, in my humble opinion, is remind people how he secured the border, how he took the fight to ISIS and destroyed the caliphate, how we were so much better off internationally, the Iran deal is a nightmare in the making for Israel, regain energy independence,” he continued. “I think 2024 is President Trump’s election to lose. 2022 is a blowout year for the Republicans in the House and the Senate if we talk about policy.”