BREAKING: Donald Trump Officially Comes Out On Top – Leftists’ Heads Explode….

(breitbart) – Golf Digest is taking a lot of heat for its recent tweet ranking U.S. presidents by their golf handicaps.

The tweet is being blasted, most especially because it awarded Donald Trump its top score of 2.8 while handing Joe Biden the number two slot at 6.7. Detractors went wild claiming that neither of the two ratings could be correct.

Of note, sports writer and serial fabulist Rick Reilly also chimed in on the magazine’s scores, writing, “Wrong on Trump (10 at best). Wrong on Biden (no chance). Wrong on Nixon (a 15 at best and only took the game up to suck up to Ike), wrong on Taft (way worse) and wrong on FDR (won many REAL amateur events b4 polio).”

In another reply, Reilly doubted Biden’s 6.7, saying, “Biden WAS a 6 a long long time ago.”

While Reilly’s corrections of the Golf Digest scores may not seem to be too far off the mark, it is hard to believe anything he says after he has been caught outright lying and getting facts seriously wrong in his past reporting.

Many commenters on the magazine’s tweet blasted Donald Trump as a “liar” and used that as a basis to doubt the 2.8 handicap rating:

But few believed that Joe Biden has anything like a 6.7 handicap, either. Many noted that he can barely walk to a podium or ride a bike, much less play eighteen holes of golf.

One respondent even noted that some of Biden’s scores published in 2018 show how far off he was from a 6.7 even then:

Few others believed Biden’s number, either:

To put it bluntly, partisan hatred for any particular president aside, it appears from the replies that no one at all believes the Golf Digest handicap list.