BREAKING: Fox News Host Reveals Military Bombshell – Viewers Stunned…

Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out on his show Tuesday that while politicians across the country are talking about militarizing schools to protect against shootings, they haven’t yet explained why it took police so long to go inside the Robb Elementary school and why they were ordered to stay outside while the shooter was killing children.

School security is all well and good, but if police don’t do their jobs, no matter how dangerous, it isn’t going to stop these situations.

“Politicians across this country are calling for militarizing America’s elementary schools, and yet they can’t answer why the military force, effectively outside this elementary school, refused to stop the killing,” Carlson pointed out. “So, this massacre could have been prevented at some point. It was not prevented. Why was that?”

Carlson argued that the left might not really want to prevent the shootings, just use them to foist gun control on the public.

“This is so perverse, it’s hard to believe it’s true, but it is, some seem determined to make future school shootings more likely,” he said.