BREAKING: Fox News Host Shocks Nation – Fans Shocked

(breitbart) – Fox News host Geraldo Rivera said Tuesday on “The Five” that unvaccinated people who are not regularly tested were “arrogant” and “selfish.”

Rivera said, “I think the vaccine is absolutely bulletproof against this disease. We had a lightning storm in Cleveland last night. It was as likely to get hit by one of those lightning bolts as to get this terrible disease if you are vaccinated. This is a disease of the unvaccinated.”

Rivera said, “In terms of the mandatory vaccines…to say that it’s demonization of the unvaccinated, it’s not appropriate. You have to understand that if you are unvaccinated then you should at least get tested every week, on your own or understand why you are banned from the VA, why you are banned from restaurants, why you are banned from other businesses and colleges increasingly, and they should be because it’s selfish. If you are unvaccinated and you are going around without being tested, you are an arrogant, selfish SOB.”

He continued, “I do not believe my body, my choice when it comes to the the damn vaccine. I want you to be vaccinated and if you are not vaccinated you have to have a reason like immunocompromised.”

Rivera added, “I am absolutely in the camp of no shirt, no shoes, no vaccine, no service.”