BREAKING: Fox News Host Stuns Fans – His Secret Is Out

Tucker Carlson is letting out the secret about public education. And the media elites are fuming.

During a recent show, Carlson “slammed the push within public schools to teach critical race theory and other left-of-center philosophies that outside of the American mainstream,” according to a report.

“Loudoun County used to have famously good schools, people wanted to send their kids to those schools,” said Carlson. “Now those schools are run by lunatics who hate the country. It happened fast, it always does.”

After revealing some disturbing trends among educational elites, Carlson explained:

You’ve heard a lot of lectures like this recently from people like Andrea Weiskopf, stupid people telling you what you’re allowed to say and read. That’s essentially 2021 summed up in a single sentence.

The scariest part is, they are telling your kids the exact same thing all day, every day in school. So what effect is that having on your kids? On all of our kids? On the country itself? Well, over time, the effect is unimaginable.

For the last year, most parents who put up with this, either they didn’t know it was happening or they felt powerless to stop it from happening. They were afraid to object, to speak up, as lunatics like Andrea Weiskopf hurt their children.

Carlson played clip after clip of parents standing up to the county school board. I suggest you watch the segment and educate yourself about what is happening at your local schools.